The best recommendation is when people always come back. Just like Bobette.

Just as I have been addressing you for a photo shoot, I also addressed Bobette.

In January 2011, she and her sister Wendy came out to take pictures.

In September 2012 Wendy came to another photo shoot

Bobette and Wendy had the next shooting in February 2013.


Two years later in February 2015 both were back to do a photo shoot with me.


Another year later in February 2016, Bobette again came to do a shooting.


... and February 2018.

The first photoshooting has been so much fun to Bobette that she has registered with a model agency.

She also did some commercial photo shoots.

Was it a coincidence that she got an order for a wedding photo shoot after this picture of our last photo shoot?

By the way, Bobette was among the TOP 30 at GNTM 2015.